Goa Quiz Championship is being organized by Space Odyssey Education in association with Education Committee, Goa Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Goa State Innovation Council.

EduCom GCCI is actively engaged in promoting Industry Academia connect; while Goa State Innovation Council (GSInC) is an active facilitator of Innovation and Creativity through various initiatives in the state. The primary aim of GQC is to promote innovation and creativity as also build a competitive spirit amongst the Goan students at a young age, a necessity in evolving times.

The mission of Space Odyssey is to impart a spark of innovation, practical application and out-of-the-box thinking in school education. Every member of our team is passionate about helping the current generation of students to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Dr. Nilesh Chandra
GQC Coordinator
MBBS, MD | Bio Olympiad Medalist, Belgium

Jacinta Shabong
Quizmaster | Marketing Director
MBA, FMS Delhi | Ex CitiBank

Dr. Sumi Singh
Academic Coordinator Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Gilead Inc

Prof. Saurabh Kumar
Design Head
NID | NIFT | Pearl Academy

Dr Sowmya Vivek
Head of Research

Nitesh Chandra
MBA, IIT Khargpur | Ex IBM, Citibank

Dr. Ishwar Kumar
Advisory Board
Faculty at EDII | Ahmedabad

Upasana Bhutani
Advisory Board
Delhi School of Economics | Ex E&Y

Prof. Jeevant Rampal
Advisory Board
Economics Prof. IIM Ahmedabad