Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility & Registration

a. Who can register?

Any individual who has crossed his 11 th birthday, but not his 19 th birthday on 31 st December 2018 may apply.

b. When can I register?

Registration is open
c. What is the last date for registration?

Registration is open till 30th June, 2018

d. How can I register?

Registration can be done online only at registration. Registration can be done by student (if 18th birthday celebrated), parent/guardian or school.

e. Is applying through school necessary?

No. However, if applying independently, you must upload permission letter from school before date of exam.

f. I am a poor student, is there any fee relaxation for me?

Students enrolled in government schools or registered under EWS category in private schools have to pay the nominal amount of INR 500/- only. However, they must upload a document verifying the same issued by school authorities (Template letter may be downloaded from site). If an incorrect claim is made in this category, any fees paid will be forfeited, and the student will not be allowed to compete.

g. What are the different categories in which I can enroll?

A student can enroll in any one of the categories based on age. Category 1 is for students aged between 11 & 14 years. Category 2 is for students aged between 15 & 18 years.

h. How will my age be calculated?

The ages are calculated as on 31st December 2018

Registration Fees

a. What is the registration fee for the exam?

For general students, the registration fee is INR 5000/- only (inclusive of the government GST @18% and 2% payment gateway fees).
For students enrolled in government schools or registered under EWS category in private schools, the registration fee is INR 500/- only (inclusive of the government GST @18% and 2% payment gateway fees).

b. How do I pay the fees? How will I get the receipt?

Payment of fees is only online. The payment gateway will generate a digital receipt which will be mailed to your registered email id.

c. What other fees do I have to pay besides registration fees?

Absolutely no other payment is required, including travel and visa to USA. However, you must have a passport. Also, you will need to arrange your own stay and travel for the exam, if your exam center is not your hometown. Also, any cost incurred while going for the USA Visa Interview will be responsibility of the student.

d. What is covered by fees?

The following is covered by the organizers for the selected students:

  • NASA workshop enrollment
  • Air Ticket (return)
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Food & Lodging
  • Local Travel
  • Daily Allowance (50$/day)

e. What is not covered by fees?

  • Any items of personal nature such as beverages, portage, laundry, telephone etc
  • Any extra baggage charges – 15 kg allowance included
  • Any Extra Sightseeing & Services
  • Any other item not mentioned under the “covered by fees” column
  • Any damages caused to the hotel rooms / coach during your stay, shall be payable by the Student
  • Any cost incurred while going for the US Visa Interview

Conduct of Exam

a. What is the date of the exam?

The exam will be conducted at more than 80 centres all over India on 26th August, 2018

b. What will be the venue of exam?

The centres will be allotted by Aptech Education in consultation with organizers, based on feasibility and mentioned order of preference. All efforts will be made to allot a center at the first preferred city/town. However, in those situations where the operation of a center at requested city/town is not viable due to very low registration , all efforts will be made to allot a center at the next preferred city/town.

c. What are the different stages of the competition? Will they be conducted together or separately?

Stage 1 exam assesses age appropriate knowledge of Math and Science and fluency in English language. Stage 2 assesses analytical/critical thinking. Both the stages will be conducted in a single sitting via a computer based test (CBT).

d. How should I prepare for the competition?

The organizers do not promote targeted preparation for the competition. All questions in stage 1 will be age appropriate. Stage 2 will assess analytical/critical thinking, not knowledge. It would be a good idea to brush up the current and last years’ Math and science syllabi. Additionally, students may benefit by solving puzzles or similar questions which involve analytical or critical thinking.

e. What should I bring to the exam venue?

Please bring a print out (hard copy) of the admit card sent to you in your email. Any government issued valid I-card with clear photograph must also be brought for verification of identity, like Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, etc. School I cards, if they are current, may also be used to establish identity.
Any other paper, pen, pencil, etc. is not allowed in the exam centre. Students are strictly advised not to have any digital device on their person in the exam centre; if found, the student will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

f. Will students of all ages compete in the same category?

No, there are two broad categories based on age; group 1 includes students between ages 11-14y, while group 2 includes students between ages 15-18y.

g. When will I get my admit card?

Admit card will reach all registered participants by 31st July, 2018. In case you do not receive your admit card by this date kindly mail to (insert registered email id here)


a. When will the results of the competition be declared?

Results of successful candidate with order of merit will be declared on or before 15.08.2018.

b. How will winners in each of the broad category be selected?

There will be 2 (two) winners for each age, meaning, 2 winners each of ages 11y, 12y, 13y, 14y, 15y, 16y, 17y & 18y. Additionally, there will be two more winners in each broad age category (11-14y & 15-18y), bringing the total to 10 winners in each broad category. This is to ensure that results are not biased in the favour of older students in each broad category.

c. What happens if I am declared a winner?

Winners will be issued a letter of attendance from Space University, Space Center Houston, the official visitor center to NASA Johnson Space Center. Subsequently, visa application will be filed at American Embassy.

d. What if I don’t have a passport?

All selected candidates must have a valid Indian passport by the date of declaration of results. In case a selected candidate is not in possession of a valid passport at such time, the next student on the merit list will be offered the position for the camp at NASA

e. What if I don’t have permission of leave from the school/college?

Permission of leave from school/college for the duration of trip is a required document by the American Embassy for processing of visa of students. In case such permission is not available, the visa application may be rejected by the embassy, and visa may not be granted.

f.What if I don’t get visa from the American Embassy?

In case the visa of a selected student is rejected by the American Embassy, the next student on the merit list will be given an opportunity to attend the camp, provided his visa can be processed in time for the trip.

g. I am not a winner. Will I get any certificate?
The 2nd group of 10 students on the merit list in each age group will be awarded a silver medal and a citation. The 3rd group of 10 students on the merit list in each age group will be awarded a bronze medal and a citation.All students who clear level 1 will get a “certificate of recognition“for the same. They will also be provided their performance report. Other students will be issued a certificate of participation.

NASA trip related questions

a. Will the two age groups have separate camps at NASA?

Yes, the two groups have separate, age-appropriate, camp activities planned for them.

b. What all expenditure is covered by the organizers?

The following expenditure is covered by the organizers for the selected students:

  • NASA workshop enrollment
  • Air Ticket (return)
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Food & Lodging
  • Local Travel
  • Daily Allowance (50$/day)

c. Will I be travelling alone to the US?

No. For every 10 students, there will be one mentor/moderator, who will most likely be a school teacher of Science background selected from among the participating schools.

d. Do I need to carry own money?

All students on trip would be given a daily allowance of 50$. If you plan to spend on personal additional facilities or carry out some purchase while in the USA, you will need to carry your own money. However, for the express purpose of trip, no additional money is required.

e. What about food?

All meals will be covered by the organizers, and the food will be of standard fare. If you want to arrange for a different meal, which is beyond the budget of the provided options, you may have to cover the cost from your own pocket.

f. What about local transport?

All local transport for the purpose of camp activities and other planned activities will be covered by the sponsors. Any additional trips which you may want to take will have to be covered by your own expenses.

g. What will a typical day at camp be like?

The camp starts at 8:00 am and continues till 4:00 pm. Lunch is provided on site.

h. When will the trip start?

The trip is tentatively scheduled to start on 16th November, 2018

i. How long is the trip?

Depending on other factors, the trip may be 6-8 days long.

j. When will it end?

The trip will tentatively end on 24/26 November, 2018 depending on logistics and other arrangements.